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About Us

Each curious by nature, Eye Spy owners, Gail and Brian Van Dreel have explored the earth, sampling the unique foods of ancient China, marveling at numerous solar eclipses throughout the world, even discovering the backstage enthusiasm at Hollywood's Dancing with the Stars. These two sleuths search out the things that others might pass by! That same thirst for discovery led them to the world of financial forensics, where no chart of accounts is left unturned and no behavior goes unnoticed.

For Gail, financial forensics is a way to make accounting come alive. "I like going into all the details in search of something that isn't obvious to others. Uncovering the mystery. Looking for answers."

Brian takes a pragmatic view, "I've seen too many people get ripped off because they didn't have the whole financial story. Forensics in this field can unearth solutions after a problem arises, or it can be preventative."

Brian and Gail Van Dreel

Both CPA's with extensive experience in a myriad of business and financial arenas, the Van Dreels will doggedly investigate to resolve cases, whether fraud, asset misappropriations, unreported income, embezzlement, and more. They also provide valuation services in such areas as dispute resolutions, estate planning, merger & acquisition transactions, reorganization, and succession planning. Call them when you find yourself with a financial situation that needs deeper than the average number crunching.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is defined in many ways. It involves the application of accounting for a legal purpose and is also sometimes referred to as forensic auditing. This area of accounting investigates actual or anticipated disputes or is used to support or contest an accusation of fraud.

Forensic accounting can encompass business litigation or marital dissolution. We handle investigative accounting, litigation support and family law cases.

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